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Academic City
A college accredited by National Accreditation Board, Ghana
*We are currently building our website and our new campus. While our website is under construction, get to know us better.*

One of a Kind

Academic City is changing tertiary learning in West Africa with activity-based learning and premium teaching talent, complimented by our new state-of-the-art campus.

We offer holistic education to create well-rounded minds who can proactively and conscientiously contribute to local and global development. Our dedicated focus on experiential learning, supplemented with development of social and emotional intelligence along with ethical decision-making, targets preparing our students to compete with globally-trained talent. With an ethos of innovation and entrepreneurship, we also instill in our students a drive to be leaders of thought and initiators of ideas.

Ready to make your mark?


Our mission is to educate future-ready leaders who can innovatively solve complex problems within an ethical, entrepreneurial and collaborative environment.

Academic City plans to launch our new campus at Haatso with our leading-edge vision in fall 2018 (September 2018).

Our new state-of-the-art campus facilitates premium calibre of teaching talent with high quality campus infrastructure, including amphitheater-style lecture halls, student-engaging classroom designs, high-tech equipment, and a modern-design engineering workshop.


At Academic City, innovation and entrepreneurship are deemed core to a student’s foundational learning and development.

Our Technology and Entrepreneurship Center is a venture incubation program that would provide an opportunity and training rich environment for entrepreneurial ideas.


The Academic City programmes have been designed to prepare students to think critically, diagnose rationally and solve creatively – the fundamental components to help students understand and develop their potential to become more practical and productive.


Africa needs more engineers to build its infrastructure, manufacturing and healthcare sectors, and alternative energy resources. Our engineering programmes are designed to prepare the next generation of engineering leaders to design and drive change.

Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (in development)


We have designed our IT programme to address the increasing need for IT to help communities participate globally on social and economic levels, while remaining competitive through the power of information and technology.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


With an understanding of the global business environment and growing African economies, our business programme prepares students to understand socioeconomic challenges and design practical business solutions.

Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting

Bachelor of Business Administration - Banking & Finance

Bachelor of Business Administration - Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing


We have designed our communication arts programmes to combine the understanding and practice of media, arts, public relations and culture, while innovatively integrating new technology and creativity.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Advertising & Public Relations


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